Customer submissions

Gas Capital Customs began as a full out custom shop in 2012 doing everything from custom hot rods, to car audio, custom motorcycles and everything in between.  If it had wheels, we worked on it.  After making a few different aftermarket products for Harley Davidsons, It was quickly realized that more attention should be focused on strictly making motorcycle parts, then offering all sorts of other things.  

One of these products is the "Mean Mug".  A headlight bezel made for Harley Davidson Road Glide motorcycles.  We also offer various other parts that can be seen on our products page.  Some parts we only make for a limited time then discontinue them.  We do this to continue making fresh parts that won't be seen on every bike you come across.  Gas Capital Customs is not a business, but a hobby of mine and only in my free time.  So if you are wondering why I do only produce small numbers of just a few parts, that is why.

In June of 2014, GCC ceased being a full custom shop, and is now only producing parts in a small shop to focus on quality products made in America.  I am always working on something new, but not always do all parts make it through the testing phase and sometimes they take longer then others to be ready to be sold.

Gas Capital Customs is now expanding into Victory motorcycle parts as well.